ReGen Radio: Podcast for July 4, 2011


Episode #299 features songs by Covenant, Memmaker, Freakangel, Soman, Phosgore, Alter der Ruine, Iszoloscope, The Rabid Whole, Combichrist, IAMX, Celldweller, DYM.

I’m back! It’s great to be back after a month away. Enjoy!






00:06 Covenant Beat the Noise Modern Ruin Metropolis Records
07:09 Memmaker Robot Buzz (Featuring Cervello Elettronico) (Remix) How to Remix a Robot Uprising: DELUXE EDITION Artoffact Records
12:08 Freakangel God’s Blind Game The faults of humanity Deathwatch Asia
16:52 Soman Let Me Go Noistyle Metropolis Records
23:35 Phosgore Killerhertz Domination Pro Noize
26:43 Alter der Ruine Batsmasher This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Pro Noize
30:56 Iszoloscope Raudivian Device [Mangadrive Remix] Beyond Within Ant-Zen Records
38:08 The Rabid Whole My Love, My Blood ( Remix) Autraumaton Remixed Synthetic Sounds
44:27 Combichrist Throat Full Of Glass (Renegade Of Noise Mix By Daniel Myer) Throat Full Of Glass Metropolis Records
48:58 IAMX You Can Be Happy (Combichrist Remix) Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK Metropolis Records
56:00 Celldweller Frozen (On The Rocks Mix) – Remix: Lucidstatic Surgical Theatre CRL Studios
1:01:19 DYM Sin Phony (Fractured Remix) The Swarm Noitekk, Deathwatch Asia
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Festival Kinetik 2011: Set Two [live set recording]


May 23, 2011
Festival Kinetik 4
Club Metropolis
Montreal, QC, Canada

Set Two

  1. Rotersand – War On Error (iVardensphere Remix)
  2. Menschdefekt – Psycho Bitch
  3. Ivardensphere – The Source Of Uncertainty (Komor Kommando Remix)
  4. Converter – Coma (Tik Remix)
  5. Manufactura – Killing You (Unbound Mix)
  6. Studio-X – To Hell
  7. C/A/T – Music to Piss you Off (SAM remix)
  8. Angelspit – Skinny Little Bitch (Studio-X remix)
  9. Unter Null – The Clock Is Ticking
  10. Mindless Faith – I’m Pretty Much Fucked
  11. Captive Six – Shut Down Everything
  12. Asche – Wasted Hedon

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Festival Kinetik 2011: Set One [live set recording]


May 23, 2011
Festival Kinetik 4
Club Metropolis
Montreal, QC, Canada

Set One

  1. Black Lung – Introduction By Dr. Johnathon Cavendish
  2. displacer – Fueled (Flint Glass rmx)
  3. Echorausch – Shape
  4. Communication Zero featuring Princess Coldheart – Restraint
  5. Enduser – 2/3
  6. Nebulist – Slow Iron Half
  7. Lucidstatic – Aux8 (Copy Paste Repeat remix)
  8. Klangstabil – Vertraut  (Renegade of Noise Remix by Daniel Myer)
  9. Novproc – Copy & Waste
  10. Noisia – Machine Gun
  11. IAMX – You Can Be Happy (Combichrist Remix)
  12. Crystal Castles – Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)
  13. Bong-Ra – Suicide Speed Machine Girl (Ace Of Breaks mix)


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Show delayed, still.

Unfortunately, it will be a few more weeks before I have a ReGen Radio podcast for you. Unpacking is taking longer than anticipated — I don’t even have the studio set up yet! I’m aiming to be back by July 1st, and no later! I have some fabulous new music to play, so I’m very excited to return… and of course, there is the 300th episode coming :)

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No show.

No show this week, busy packing my house to move! No show next week, as I will be moving!

I will be back June 20th, hopefully, with episode #299!

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ReGen Radio: Podcast for May 30, 2011


Episode #298 features songs by Amphetamine Virus, Lucidstatic, Famine, Jérôme Chassagnard, Hecq, Matta, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cenotype, Worms of the Earth, Left Spine Down, Metaform.

I’m back from Kinetik and refreshed from a lovely vacation! Enjoy this week’s show filled with IDM, breakcore and dubstep!

Time Artist Track Album Label
02:04 Amphetamine Virus Cheerleaders Die Better Starting Over Backwards NW
07:13 Lucidstatic Lost Broadcast You Are Here: a collection of Alaska electronics Connexion Bizarre
12:37 Famine Realign (The Conjuration Of Perfect Nature) Nature’s Twin Tendencies Tympanik Audio
16:32 Jérôme Chassagnard She Is Behind The Time From Underneath Hymen Records
23:59 Hecq Sura (remix by Matta) Sura Ad Noiseam
30:08 Matta Solar Driftwood (featuring The Abyss) Release The Freq Ad Noiseam
35:32 Meat Beat Manifesto Let Me Set Answers Come In Dreams Metropolis Records
41:02 Cenotype Skip Trace vs Pieces (Synnack remix) Self-Released
46:46 Worms of the Earth Ajna (Viewing The Bodiless Realm) The Lesser Ophidian Gate Bugs Crawling Out of People
52:48 Left Spine Down Hang Up (Cracknation Mix) by DJ? Acucrack VOLTAGE 2.3: Remixed & Revisited Synthetic Sounds
59:11 Metaform StrangeGirl The Electric Mist Just Records


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ReGen Radio: Podcast for May 9, 2011


ReGen Radio episode #297 features songs by Twinkle, Daft Punk,  Imminent, Prometheus Burning, Ivardensphere, Abs6, Lucidstatic, Iszoloscope, Distraub, Stochastic Theory, Tzolkin, Freeze Etch.

I will be taking a two week break from the show to attend the Kinetik Festival in Montreal. Enjoy; I hope to see some of you in Montreal;  I will be back May 30th!

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:04 Twinkle Le Passage de Wormholes Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX Kod.eX
03:52 Daft Punk End of Line (Basic Slack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath Self-Released
12:55 Imminent Lorsc Cask Strength Ant-Zen
18:14 Prometheus Burning Violator [remixed by Imminent] Displacement Disorder Augmented Records
24:19 Ivardensphere Sick Bloodwater Synthetic Sounds
29:51 Abs6 Reforme Alimentaire Audiomedikation Hymen Records
35:30 Lucidstatic Lost Broadcast You Are Here: A Collection of Alaska Electronics Connexion Bizarre
41:16 Iszoloscope Inseparable From The Void The Edge Of Certainty Ant-Zen
47:29 Distraub 10-06-09 Interpretatons in Time Force Of Nature
53:05 Stochastic Theory Conditional You Are Here vol.1: A Compilation of Wisconsin Electronics Connexion Bizarre
57:35 Tzolkin Chikchan (Live At Kod.eX) Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX Kod.eX
1:04:06 Freeze Etch Slight Rite You Are Here: A Compilation of Indiana Electronics Connexion Bizarre,  Force Of Nature



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Kinetik Festival Promo Podcasts 2011: part two


This year, I am collaborating with DJ Hangedman to bring you promotional podcasts for the upcoming Kinetik Festival.  To listen *live*, visit his site at, and tune in to the three hour broadcasts of Danse Ex Machina Wednesday evenings at 8pm EST, on Eve Radio. Or, if you can’t tune in while we are on air, all shows will be posted here and at

Last week (April 27th) — Hangedmen, Saucy Miso and I covered Phase II and Phase III of Kinetik.

The Klinik Black Leather EBM Club Classics 3 1998
The Klinik Moving Hands EBM Club Classics 3 1998
Agonoize Running (Clubversion) Awake The Machines Vol.5 2005
Agonoize NEW WORLD DISORDER Sieben 2007
S.K.E.T. Wrong Way Ticket To Baghdad Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2011
S.K.E.T. No Limits For Heroes Aktivist 2004
Phosgore Hardcore Shit Domination 2009
Phosgore Club Domination Domination 2009
God Module Winter torture Viscera 2005
God Module The Source (Atm Edit) Awake The Machines Vol.5 (Bonus CD) 2005
Modulate Skullfuck Detonation 2008
Modulate Hard & Dirty Detonation 2008
Esa Satan Is Real Devotion, Discipline, and Denial 2006
Front242 Headhunter (v1.0) Electronic Body Music Box 1990
Front 242 Triple X Girlfriend Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
Portishead & Kraftwerk Background – 1187 Electric Dimension 1996
Terrorfakt Bells Of War <REconstructed by DJ MOZ> ReConstruction the Remixes 2004
xotox xotox – roboterkrieg (remix by sitd) [psi] bonus-cd 2005
[X]-Rx Industrial Rave Revolution Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
[x]-Rx Electric man Update 3.0 2010
VNV Nation Structure Futureperfect 2002
VNV Nation Chrome (Soman RX Longer) Advanced Electronics Vol.4 2005
Monolith Talisman Talisman 2006
Monolith I Became You Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2011
W.A.S.T.E. Murder This Man V/A. A Mere Invention Of The Idle Mind 2006
W.A.S.T.E. Deadface Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
T3rr0r 3rr0r Seeds of the Evil Digital Infection 2011
compUterus Exhaust Head Exhaust Head 2005



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ReGen Radio: Podcast for May 2, 2011


ReGen Radio episode #296 features songs by Animassacre, God Module, Carphax Files, Chemlab, Cyanotic, Cesium_137, Suicide Commando, Mangadrive, Funker Vogt, Alien Vampires, Klonavenus, Ad Inferna, KMFDM.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:04 Animassacre Apathy Evolve Rupal Records
06:06 God Module A Minute To Midnight The Magic In My Heart Is Dead Metropolis Records
11:14 Carphax Files No More Man Revolutionize Vol. 1: Dirt COP International
15:17 Chemlab Solar Max (The Jimmy Semtex Coil) Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Metropolis Records
19:31 Cyanotic Dissonant Dissident The Medication Generation Bit Riot Records / Glitch Mode Recordings
24:36 Cesium_137 Unwanted Identity Metropolis Records
28:56 Suicide Commando The Pleasures Of Sin Implements Of Hell Metropolis Records
33:49 Mangadrive Roomremover (Acidic Remix) by Lucidstatic Surgical Theatre CRL Studios
37:35 Funker Vogt Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix) Arising Hero Metropolis Records
41:34 Alien Vampires Fuck Off and Die (Remix by NOISUF-X) Fuck Off and Die BLC Productions
47:09 Klonavenus The Loser (Ginger Snap5 infected mix) The Loser Self-Released
52:40 Ad Inferna The Second Half of the Sky DSM Nilaihah Records
59:46 KMFDM People Of The Lie (Requiem Mix) by Koichi Fukuda Krieg Metropolis Records
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ReGen Radio: Podcast for April 25, 2011


ReGen Radio episode #295 features songs by Ad Inferna, Statik Sky, X-RX, Skylight Glare, Grendel, Valium Era, Bitch Brigade, 16Volt, Voicians, Ego Likeness, Proyecto Crisis, Empty.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:24 Ad Inferna SM 4 SM [C-Lekktor RMX] Heroine (Revisited Trance Und Tanz) Self-Released
05:44 Statik Sky Truth & Freedom (Smashed Mix by SAM) They Look To The Sky Vendetta Music
09:16 X-RX The Doll Underground (SAM Remix) Update 3.0 Pro Noize
13:39 Skylight Glare Neurodance Cyber City Self-Released
19:21 Grendel Chemicals & Circuitry (Modulate Remix) Chemicals & Circuitry Metropolis Records
24:43 Valium Era Sexual Death (E.I.D Remix) Chromosom VE EP Self-Released
28:49 Bitch Brigade Licky the Carnivorous Pony (Torn From Limb to Limb mix by Psykkle) Pastel Aggressive Crunch Pod
34:53 16Volt Become Your None (Silent Strangers Remix) American Porn Songs // Remixed Metropolis Records
40:29 Voicians Loner (Unreleased) FiXT Store: Summer 2010 Free Sampler FiXT
45:25 Ego Likeness The Devils In The Chemicals Breedless Metropolis Records
50:25 Proyecto Crisis Fuck Your Fate Made in Chili DSBP
55:21 Empty The Centre Surfacing Aphotic Audio
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