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January 17, 2011. RaZoR CuTz updated!

January 3, 2011. ReGen Radio archive list updated. A new event added.

November 19, 2010. Finally updated ReGen Radio archive list. And a new event added. And RaZoR CuTz updated!

September 25, 2010. I am having a fundraiser!

August 13, 2010. Events updated!

July 30, 2010. RaZoR CuTz has been updated!

May 24, 2010. Event listing updated! ReGen Podcast archive also updated. And once again, add the new RSS feed for ReGen Radio if you haven't already --> ReGen Radio Blog

April 5, 2010. If you haven't subscribed to the NEW ReGen Radio feed -- DO IT NOW --> ReGen Radio Blog.
And special podcast this week featuring the Kinetik Festival. I join forces with ISN Radio and The DJ Moose Show!

March 22, 2010. ReGen Podcast archive updated. Please visit the BRAND NEW blog for playlists, updates, and info about ReGen Radio --> http://www.razorgrrl.com/regen_radio/

February, 2010. Event listing updated; I will be appearing at the Kinetik Festival again. ReGen Podcast archive also updated.

November 2, 2009. New mix in RaZoR CuTz, recording of my live set at A Savage Halloween.

October 12, 2009. New event listing!

August 17, 2009.

June 15, 2009. Razorgrrl on ISN Radio! This week, I had the pleasure of co-hosting Industrial Strength Nightmares with Edwin Somnambulist. We do some promo for the upcoming Bugs Crawling Out of People mini-tour, play some new local music, and of course, act silly! Features songs by Autovoice, Razor Edge, Famine, Worms of the Earth, Scrap.edx, Ad.ver.sary, Receiver, Belladonnakillz, and Liar's Rosebush. You can listen to ISN Radio @ http://www.isnradio.com

May 26, 2009. New mix in RaZoR CuTz, a special feature for Bugs Crawling Out of People.

May 24, 2009. New event listing!

May 5, 2009. Final promotional podcast for the Kinetik Festival is up! There are four in the series, one for each night of the festival.

April 13, 2009.

March 23, 2009. ReGen Podcast archive updated.

March 9, 2009. Second promotional podcast for the Kinetik Festival is up! There will be four in the series, one for each night of the festival.

February 16, 2009. First promotional podcast for the Kinetik Festival is up! There will be four in the series, one for each night of the festival.

February 13, 2009. ReGen Podcast archive updated. DJ Mixes updated.

January 19, 2009. ReGen Podcast archive updated.

December 22, 2008. New event added, the Last Ever New Year's Eve Party @ Savage Garden!
ReGen Podcast archive updated.
New feature! DJ Mixes -- From me, of course.
New review posted for DYM's The Invilid.

December 1, 2008. ReGen Podcast archive updated. New event added, for CHARITY!

October 27, 2008. ReGen Podcast archive updated.

September 8, 2008. ReGen Podcast archive updated. And the Connexion Bizarre archive has a new podcast for your listening pleasure!

August 25, 2008. ReGen Podcast archive updated.

August 11, 2008. ReGen Podcast archive updated.

July 5, 2008. ReGen Podcast archive updated and new event added.

June 11, 2008. I updated my website. Yay. Sorry I've been so lax lately! The details:

May 12, 2008. New ReGen Podcast is up. It is part two of the Kinetik Festival feature.

May 5, 2008. New ReGen Podcast is up. And don't forget about the two special podcasts to promote the Kinetik Festival --> part one & part two

April 28, 2008. Apologies for the lack of updates. My FTP has been broken for almost a month, so I've had little access to update the site! But all fixed :)
Updates to ReGen Podcasts. And I've done two special podcasts to promote the Kinetik Festival --> part one & part two

April 9, 2008. Razorgrrl is on Facebook now!. Go and add me!

March 3, 2008. Updates to ReGen Podcasts.

February 18, 2008. Updates to Events and ReGen Podcasts.

January 28, 2008. Final Edition of Distorted Circuitry. RIP DC. Updates to Playlists, Events, Bio, and Links.

January 15, 2008. More events posted. I'm a busy grrl!

January 14, 2008. Regen podcast --> HERE

January 7, 2008. First Regen podcast of 2008 --> Regen podcast

January 5, 2008. Happy New Year! New event posted.

December 31, 2007. This week's Regen podcast features the ReGen Staff Top Picks of 2007!

December 24, 2007. I'm back! In the online radio world that is. I had a lovely vacation and I am recharged. See Regen for my latest Regen show. And tune in to Regen and DC next week for 2007 recap shows!
Also, please see DC for an important announcement.

November/December, 2007. I have been taking a small break from radio broadcasts until 2008, at which point I will be back. In the meantime, check out events for places to see me play live.

November 5, 2007. Few new events posted and ReGen Podcast episode

October 29, 2007. Connexion Bizarre guest show
[been taking a small break from ReGen and DC, hence why no updates lately about them]

October 1, 2007. Distorted Circuitry episode AND ReGen Podcast episode
[i know, my updates are so boring these days!]

September 24, 2007. Distorted Circuitry episode AND ReGen Podcast episode

September 17, 2007. ReGen Podcast episode

September 10, 2007. Distorted Circuitry episode AND ReGen Podcast episode!

September 3, 2007. ReGen Podcast episode

August 27, 2007. Distorted Circuitry episode

August 20, 2007. ReGen Podcast!

August 13, 2007. Been busy! After recently moving Razorgrrl Headquarters, I'm back online and in full swing with shows, events... bounciness! Due to my time becoming more and more occupied, I am going to be making some changes to what is archived on the site. ReGen Podcasts will no longer have individual playlist pages anymore, you can visit ReGen Mag to see playlists -- sorry folks! I just don't have time to do special pages for it here anymore.
Visit the Events page for another Technical Glitch event happening at Savage Garden at the end of this month... and coming soon... Razorgrrl at Funhaus' Hybrid Fridays!
And now, on with today's show... August 13 Distorted Circuitry

July 16, 2007. July 16 ReGen Podcast

July 9, 2007. Yes! Distorted Circuitry is online! Woo hoo!!!!!!
-----> July 9 Distorted Circuitry

July 2, 2007. July 2 ReGen Podcast

June 25, 2007. June 25 Distorted Circuitry

June 18, 2007. June 18 ReGen Podcast

June 11, 2007. New events are posted. Go see! And of course....
--> June 11 ReGen

Oh! I also did a special show for Connexion Bizarre. It features bands from Toronto and area, to show the world the talent we have!!! :) It's --> here!


May 28, 2007. Two new shows for you :)
--> May 14 Distorted Circuitry
--> May 28 ReGen

May 14, 2007. Lots of new. I've been slacking on updates, so here they are all now.
--> May 14 Distorted Circuitry
--> new event announcement for THIS SATURDAY!
--> May 14 ReGen
--> playlist from DYM/Sincere Trade/Amduscia show in March
--> playlist from noise/idm show at Savage
--> April 23 Distorted Circuitry

April 23, 2007. Hope to see you out this Thursday!
--> April 23 Distorted Circuitry

April 10, 2007. Playlist posted from C.O.M.A. 4.

March 26, 2007. New events have been posted. Yay! People want me to DJ :) LOL. Come out. I always DJ fun events :)
--> March 26 Distorted Circuitry
--> March 26 ReGen Podcast

March 12, 2007. You know the drill... new shows up!
--> March 12 Distorted Circuitry
--> March 12 ReGen Podcast
--> this Thursday -- Amduscia, DYM, Fractured, Sincere Trade @ Funhaus

February 26, 2007. Two new shows... quick, go, download! :)
--> this upcoming WEEKEND = CRAZY FUN!! Your presence is mandatory.
--> Feb 26 Distorted Circuitry
--> Feb 26 ReGen Podcast

February 12, 2007. Two new radio shows for your listening enjoyment. And don't forget about the upcoming events. I expect mandatory attendance! And the playlist from TAKE WARNING is up.
--> Feb 12 Distorted Circuitry
--> Feb 12 ReGen Podcast

January 22, 2007. New show. Yay! Here.

Also, new events posted. I'm going to be DJing, in public for once! :)

January 8, 2007. Happy New Year! Here is my first DC show for 2007 --> here!

December 25, 2006. Need more presents? Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Never fear! There are two new radio shows for you to unwrap --> Dec 25th Distorted Circuitry & Dec 25th Regen Podcast

December 15, 2006. Playlist is up from last night's s:cage CD release party.

December 14, 2006. I finally managed to type up my playlist from DarkRave in October :)

December 4, 2006. Distorted Circuitry never rests!

November 20, 2006. Two new shows up for your enjoyment :)
Distorted Circuitry --> here.
Regen Radio podcast --> here.

November 9, 2006. I've been procrastinating from my "real" job, and hence have been productive on my website. Since the T.I.K. website is no longer archiving old reviews, I have moved all my reviews HERE. Enjoy. Perhaps I should start writing again?

October 30, 2006. Another Regen Podcast is up here --> listen.AND! New event coming up -- Venetian Snares!

October 23, 2006. It's been a few weeks, but I'm back with another edition of Distorted Circuitry. I took a few weeks off to allow for the two part special 10 year anniversary show (check it out!).

October 9, 2006. Did another show for Regen Radio here --> listen. And more event info has been posted for H2-OS at Darkrave in November!

October 2, 2006. I filled in again for DJ Morgana on Regen Radio. Show can be found here --> listen. And NEW event posted -- Math Hooker is back!

September 25, 2006. Distorted Circuitry is finally online. Sorry for the delay getting the show up today (er, well, I guess it's tomorrow now since it's 4am). I had no internet access all day, hence, hard to upload the show! But it's there now -- go eat it up! It's yummy.
New event posted.

September 11, 2006. I've slaved long and hard, and put together another edition of DC. Don't let my efforts be in vain -- go listen. Now. :p
New event posted. Toronto Digital Hardcore Festival!

August 28, 2006. What can I say? Yes, DC is online for another week. It's wikkid -- listen!
And don't forget the Ad Noiseam 2006 Fest coming up this weekend!

August 14, 2006. Another fabulous edition of DC is online :P

August 10, 2006. Playlists and sets galore! Playlist is up from Quebec City, and the set is available to download. As well as two podcasts (one and two) from Regen Magazine, where I filled in for DJ Morgana; also available for download.

July 31, 2006. Distorted Circuitry is complete for this week. Listen! Enjoy!

July 10, 2006. Doubling up! No break this week, Distorted Circuitry was hosted by moi again! Morgana will be back next week.

And, playlist is up from my guest spot on Dark Harmonies last week with Morgana.

July 3, 2006. After a bit of a vacation, I'm back with another wikkid awesome edition of Distorted Circuitry :)
And be sure to look at events for an upcoming rave in Quebec, where I will be playing a breackore set!!

June 26, 2006. New events posted!

June 5, 2006. This week's Distorted Circuitry over here --> wikkid awesome radio show

May 22, 2006. This coming Saturday is Math Hooker -- come out! It will be a blast! And Distorted Circuitry for this week is ready.

May 8, 2006. I had a great time DJing at DarkRave this past Saturday -- see here for the playlist. And this week's Distorted Circuitry is ready and waiting for you download!
Oh, and! When I was playing at DarkRave, one of the security was handed a note -- which is priceless! I was booked to play an "industrial noise" set, and I think I did my job -- see the playlist for an image of the note!

April 17, 2006. Playlist from last week's H2-OS night is online. Distorted Circuitry is up and ready to hear.

April 3, 2006. Quite a few updates! Added a new photo to my bio :) Updated playlists with sets from COMA3 and the last H2-OS night. New event posted. Latest edition of Distorted Circuitry is online.

March 20, 2006. A special edition of Distorted Circuitry, highlighting the upcoming COMA3 festival, is ready for download. New event announced for the end of March.

March 9, 2006. Playlist from last night's H2-OS now up.

March 6, 2006. Distorted Circuitry is online. Android Lust CD release party this Wednesday at Neutral.

February 20, 2006. I filled in for DJ Morgana on her ReGen Podcast this week - playlist and set to download here!

And! New event! COMA3 this MARCH!

February 13, 2006. Today's Distorted Circuitry is now online for your listening pleasure!

February 8, 2006. Playlist from H2-OS now up.

January 30, 2006. Distorted Circuitry up and ready.

January 16, 2006. Distorted Circuitry online... go download now! :)

January 14, 2006. Event update! I'll be DJing this upcoming January 21, and will be starting a monthly club night in Toronto. See events for details!

January 2, 2006. Happy New Year! The first edition of Distorted Circuitry for 2006 is online -- special show this week! Morgana and RaZoRGrrL both host with our best album picks & favourites of 2005.

December 19, 2005. Distorted Circuitry online and ready for your listening pleasure.

December 5, 2005. This week's Distorted Circuitry is up.

December 1, 2005. Playlist is up from Quebec City show last weekend.

November 21, 2005. New Distorted Circuitry ready to be consumed! NEW EVENT! I will be DJing in Quebec City this upcoming weekend.

November 7, 2005. New Distorted Circuitry is online. Recommended update.

October 24, 2005. New playlists up from Oct 9 and Oct 14 events. Distorted Circuitry is online.

October 12, 2005. I finally got Distorted Circuitry online. Sorry for the delay. Busy week!
Also, made updates to Recommended, Events and soon to come -- playlist from October 9 event!

October 3, 2005. Many new events posted!

September 26, 2005. Distorted Circuitry is up.

September 12, 2005. Distorted Circuitry online.

September 6 , 2005. I'll be DJing at H2-OS Wednesdays this week. Check events for details.

August 29, 2005. Distorted Circuitry online.

August 15, 2005. Some new events coming up to check out. Distorted Circuitry is up.

August 2, 2005. First edition of Distorted Circuitry for August is now online.

July 18 , 2005. Distorted Circuitry is online for your consumption.
New event announced! Two in fact! One overseas :)
Recommended has been updated!

July 4 , 2005. Distorted Circuitry for the week is up!

June 23, 2005. NEW SITE IS LAUNCHED! Welcome to the new look of RaZoRGrrL.com. Thanks to Kommission Design.
Distorted Circuitry for the week of June 20th is available. New event posted for July 2.