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Episode #297 features songs by Twinkle, Daft Punk,  Imminent, Prometheus Burning, Ivardensphere, Abs6, Lucidstatic, Iszoloscope, Distraub, Stochastic Theory, Tzolkin, Freeze Etch.

I will be taking a two week break from the show to attend the Kinetik Festival in Montreal. Enjoy; I hope to see some of you in Montreal;  I will be back May 30th!

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:04 Twinkle Le Passage de Wormholes Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX Kod.eX
03:52 Daft Punk End of Line (Basic Slack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath Self-Released
12:55 Imminent Lorsc Cask Strength Ant-Zen
18:14 Prometheus Burning Violator [remixed by Imminent] Displacement Disorder Augmented Records
24:19 Ivardensphere Sick Bloodwater Synthetic Sounds
29:51 Abs6 Reforme Alimentaire Audiomedikation Hymen Records
35:30 Lucidstatic Lost Broadcast You Are Here: A Collection of Alaska Electronics Connexion Bizarre
41:16 Iszoloscope Inseparable From The Void The Edge Of Certainty Ant-Zen
47:29 Distraub 10-06-09 Interpretatons in Time Force Of Nature
53:05 Stochastic Theory Conditional You Are Here vol.1: A Compilation of Wisconsin Electronics Connexion Bizarre
57:35 Tzolkin Chikchan (Live At Kod.eX) Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX Kod.eX
1:04:06 Freeze Etch Slight Rite You Are Here: A Compilation of Indiana Electronics Connexion Bizarre,  Force Of Nature




Episode #296 features songs by Animassacre, God Module, Carphax Files, Chemlab, Cyanotic, Cesium_137, Suicide Commando, Mangadrive, Funker Vogt, Alien Vampires, Klonavenus, Ad Inferna, KMFDM.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:04 Animassacre Apathy Evolve Rupal Records
06:06 God Module A Minute To Midnight The Magic In My Heart Is Dead Metropolis Records
11:14 Carphax Files No More Man Revolutionize Vol. 1: Dirt COP International
15:17 Chemlab Solar Max (The Jimmy Semtex Coil) Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Metropolis Records
19:31 Cyanotic Dissonant Dissident The Medication Generation Bit Riot Records / Glitch Mode Recordings
24:36 Cesium_137 Unwanted Identity Metropolis Records
28:56 Suicide Commando The Pleasures Of Sin Implements Of Hell Metropolis Records
33:49 Mangadrive Roomremover (Acidic Remix) by Lucidstatic Surgical Theatre CRL Studios
37:35 Funker Vogt Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix) Arising Hero Metropolis Records
41:34 Alien Vampires Fuck Off and Die (Remix by NOISUF-X) Fuck Off and Die BLC Productions
47:09 Klonavenus The Loser (Ginger Snap5 infected mix) The Loser Self-Released
52:40 Ad Inferna The Second Half of the Sky DSM Nilaihah Records
59:46 KMFDM People Of The Lie (Requiem Mix) by Koichi Fukuda Krieg Metropolis Records

Episode #295 features songs by Ad Inferna, Statik Sky, X-RX, Skylight Glare, Grendel, Valium Era, Bitch Brigade, 16Volt, Voicians, Ego Likeness, Proyecto Crisis, Empty.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:24 Ad Inferna SM 4 SM [C-Lekktor RMX] Heroine (Revisited Trance Und Tanz) Self-Released
05:44 Statik Sky Truth & Freedom (Smashed Mix by SAM) They Look To The Sky Vendetta Music
09:16 X-RX The Doll Underground (SAM Remix) Update 3.0 Pro Noize
13:39 Skylight Glare Neurodance Cyber City Self-Released
19:21 Grendel Chemicals & Circuitry (Modulate Remix) Chemicals & Circuitry Metropolis Records
24:43 Valium Era Sexual Death (E.I.D Remix) Chromosom VE EP Self-Released
28:49 Bitch Brigade Licky the Carnivorous Pony (Torn From Limb to Limb mix by Psykkle) Pastel Aggressive Crunch Pod
34:53 16Volt Become Your None (Silent Strangers Remix) American Porn Songs // Remixed Metropolis Records
40:29 Voicians Loner (Unreleased) FiXT Store: Summer 2010 Free Sampler FiXT
45:25 Ego Likeness The Devils In The Chemicals Breedless Metropolis Records
50:25 Proyecto Crisis Fuck Your Fate Made in Chili DSBP
55:21 Empty The Centre Surfacing Aphotic Audio

Episode #294 features songs by Prospero, DYM, Perfection Plastic, Ad•ver•sary, Philipp Münch, ESA, Defrag, Bipol, Alter der Ruine, Mono-Amine, Iszoloscope, Abs6.

I’m going to make you move this week! Get up out of that chair and dance, bitches.

As I mention on the show, Kinetik Festival promo podcasts can be heard on DJ Hangedman’s show this year. We are collaborating! Visit his site at http://djhangedman.com, and listen to his three hour live broadcasts Wednesday evenings at 8pm EST, at Eve Radio, http://www.eve-radio.com.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:05 Prospero Taiko’s Prophet (Featuring Fractured) (Remix) Turning Point Artoffact Records
03:59 DYM Lifesized (Remix by compUterus) The Swarm Noitekk, Deathwatch Asia
08:52 Perfection Plastic Bad Girls (CATFIIIIIIIGHT mix by Caustic) Echec de la Matiere Force of Nature
12:44 Ad·ver·sary No Exit (Asche remix) Wounds of the Earth Compilation II Wounds of the Earth
16:23 Philipp Münch Roses, Red And Black Into The Absurd Ant-Zen Records
21:22 ESA Tasting Nails (Manipulated By Marching Dynamics) The Immaculate Manipulation Tympanik Audio
26:02 Defrag Long Horrible Shadows Lament Element Hymen Records
31:58 Bipol Talk About My Scream Fritter Away Ant-Zen Records
37:35 Alter der Ruine Achtung! Bitches? This is why we can’t have nice things Pro Noize
42:08 Mono-Amine Encountering No Resistance Do Not Bend Ant-Zen Records
53:48 Iszoloscope Dumachus Junction Featuring Aliceffekt Beyond Within Ant-Zen Records
57:12 Abs6 Basslines Enhancing The Intestinal Transit Audiomedikation Hymen Records

Episode #293 features songs by Fractured, The Birthday Massacre, Left Spine Down, Everything Goes Cold, Front Line Assembly, Psyche, Android Lust, Statik Sky, Noisuf-X, Detroit Diesel, Memmaker, Alice in Videoland, Method Cell.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:26 Fractured Save Me Beneath the Ashes Dependent Records
04:42 The Birthday Massacre In The Dark Pins and Needles Metropolis Records
08:08 Left Spine Down Welcome to the Future (Cunt Mix by Amduscia) Smartbomb 2.3: The Underground Mixes Synthetic Sounds
13:28 Everything Goes Cold The Droids You’re Looking For vs. General Failure Bitriot Records
17:59 Front Line Assembly Angriff (Mindless Faith mix) Angriff [Remix] Metropolis Records
23:35 Psyche Eye of the Hurricane Re-Membering Dwayne Artoffact Records
29:41 Android Lust Cherished Agony (Last Drops) Rarities, Demos & B-Sides Synthellec Music
33:54 Statik Sky Gonna Need Drugs They Look To The Sky Vendetta Music
37:08 Noisuf-X White Noise (Bunker Edit) Endzeit Bunkertracks (ACT V) Alfa Matrix
41:43 Detroit Diesel Lost Signal Terre Humaine Deathwatch Asia
45:32 Memmaker Beware Of Memmaker (Featuring It-Clings & Famine) How to Remix a Robot Uprising: DELUXE EDITION Artoffact Records
52:13 Alice in Videoland Spaceship (Uncensored) A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You Artoffact Records
55:25 Method Cell Curse Of A Modern Age (Coma Mix) Curse Of A Modern Age WTII Records

There will be no show this week. I’m busying studying for a final exam, so I’m exhausted!


Episode #292 features songs by Famine, Displacer, Tonikom, Whormongr, ESA, Lucidstatic, X Marks The Pedwalk, Totakeke, Stray, Suicide Commando, Klangstabil, Ben Arp, Himiko.


Time Artist Track Album Label
00:39 Famine Material Things Approach Lights 2010 Tympanik Audio
06:20 Displacer Lighthouse Wounds of the Earth Compilation II Wounds of the Earth (ZINE)
11:05 Tonikom The Source Miwak Twelve Hymen Records
15:16 Whormongr Bloodmachine (Original Mix) You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.2) Connexion Bizarre
19:14 ESA Your Anger Is A Gift (Manipulated By Access To Arasaka) The Immaculate Manipulation Tympanik Audio
23:19 Lucidstatic Intercept (native.resolution.mix by mangadrive) Yurei Tympanik Audio
28:34 X Marks The Pedwalk Distant Rain Inner Zone Journey Metropolis Records
31:19 Totakeke Untitled 06 On The First Of November Tympanik Audio
38:10 Stray Does It Really Matter? (Keef Baker remix) Abuse By Proxy Alfa-Matrix
43:39 Suicide Commando God Is In The Rain (Book Of Lies V1.0) God Is In The Rain Metropolis Records
47:30 Klangstabil Vertraut [Ostball Remix By Synapscape] Vertraut Ant-Zen Records
51:55 Ben Arp The Surrender 2010 In 3 Parts Chaos and Terror Productions
56:36 Himiko Kokoro No Omori Himiko D-Trash

Features songs by Ambassador21 feat. Converter, Asche, Mono-Amine, Noisia, Matta, Black Lung, Fractional, Marching Dynamics, Prospero, Bong-Ra, Enduser, Orphx.

I stray from ebm/industrial this week and venture into rhythmic noise, IDM, breakcore and even dubstep. Enjoy!

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:42 Ambassador21 feat. Converter New Doctrine About Trinity (version 2009) New Doctrine About Trinity EP Invasion Wreck Chords
06:09 Asche Knee Chopper (Version) The Easter Island Phenomenon Ant-Zen Records
10:17 Mono-Amine Base Your Decisions On Information Do Not Bend Ant-Zen Records
16:21 Noisia Sunhammer Ft Amon Tobin Split The Atom Vision
20:03 Matta Chaos Reigns Release The Freq Ad Noiseam
24:37 Black Lung Succulent Bruises & Bruised Roses (remix by Matta) The First Tender Cut Ad Noiseam
29:58 Fractional Sie (remixed by Disharmony) Blood Remixes Tympanik Audio
35:08 Marching Dynamics Freaky Natural You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.2) Connexion Bizarre
40:33 Prospero Turning Point Turning Point Artoffact Records
45:13 Bong-Ra Kraken Monster Ad Noiseam
49:32 Enduser Interruption 4 (remix by Cardopusher) 1/3 Ad Noiseam
55:15 Orphx Halflife I Teletai Hands Productions

Features songs by Sturmreaktor, Zombie Girl, Memmaker, Heimataerde, Phosgore, Vermin, SAM, X-RX, Faderhead, Diverje, Shiv-R, Menschdefekt, Bitch Brigade.

The show is on auto-pilot this week, as I just didn’t have the state of mind to chatter. Me, speechless? Hard to believe, I know! I hope you enjoy the show regardless 🙂

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:04 Sturmreaktor Rise (Jester Project Remix) Fallout EP Self-Released
03:42 Zombie Girl Bleeder (Industrial Strength Mix By Seb ‘o’ Tron 2000 b) The Halloween EP Alfa Matrix
09:16 Memmaker Energon3 (Featuring Studio-X) (Remix) How to Remix a Robot Uprising: DELUXE EDITION Artoffact Records
15:15 Heimataerde Dark Dance (Maschinenfloor) Dark Dance Metropolis Records
18:11 Phosgore Club Domination Domination Pro Noize
22:11 Vermin We Are You Are Here: A Compilation of Massachusetts Electronics Connexion Bizarre
27:23 SAM Burn (Xotox Inferno Mix) Destruction Unit Pro Noize
30:55 X-RX Push it! Update 3.0 Pro Noize
35:39 Faderhead Destroy Improve Rebuild Black Friday L-Tracks
40:02 Diverje Smell The Blood (Obscure Descension Mix) Unleashed DSBP
45:46 Shiv-R Corruption Hold My Hand Metropolis Records
50:41 Menschdefekt Schizophrenia The Human Parasite Metropolis Records
55:17 Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Cryogen Second Mix) Pastel Aggressive Crunch Pod