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Bugs Crawling Out of People releases FOR SALE

October 6, 2008: New releases from Bugs Crawling Out of People now available. Including the brand new re-release of the Saturation Bombing compilations. Buy the limited edition Saturation Bombing Playset box now!

October, 2008: Long time, no update. TiKdistro will now be shipping Bugs Crawling Out of People releases. We highly recommend this label -- excellent music! See our BCP page for details.

Past News

Liquidation Sale Page

January 11, 2007: I have updated the sale page with some items I found hiding at the back of the "warehouse".

October 20, 2006: All items have been priced for liquidation. See here.

July 24, 2006: Now in stock: New releases from Ad Noiseam Records.

July 17, 2006: Update to Events! We will be at the Ad Noiseam Fest 2006.

June 6, 2006: Now in stock: New Mathhead from Reduced.Phat Records.

May 25, 2006: New releases in today from Metropolis -- Snog, Das Ich and Suicide Commando.

May 20, 2006: Sincere Trade's latest release is now in stock. See New for details.

May 8, 2006: We finally have new stock in! See New for details.

April 15, 2006: Long time, no update. We've been on a bit of a vacation here at TiKdistro... but we are back with our biggest SALE yet! See the Welcome Spring Sale for details.

January 5, 2006: HAPPY NEW YEAR! And with the new year comes the return of H2-OS Wednesdays. See locations for details.

December 26, 2005: New additions to Clothing. We now stock Math Hooker t-shirts!

December 8, 2005: New Enduser is now in stock.

December 7, 2005: New Ad Noiseam releases just arrived.

December 2, 2005: New Hive Records releases are in!




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