Who is RaZoRGrrL?

Razorgrrl has been actively DJing since 2001, after moving to Toronto from a stagnant Industrial scene in Kingston. She was involved in the local industrial scene in Kingston — gaining experience in promoting, while picking up DJing skills on the side. Having always been very interested and involved in music from a young age, DJing seemed a natural progression.

Beginning her DJing in Toronto at the Thursday nights @ The Anarchist Cocktail with DJ XXX (now C10) until the club closed, she was invited to join the Toronto Industrial Kollective, becoming an integral member with her female perspective. T.i.K. held a weekly club night for over a year, and Razorgrrl worked to expand T.i.K. into other branches — TiK Distro, TiK Recordings and the Saturation Bombing Festivals — and was with T.i.K. until its end in July 2004. Following that, she took over the operation of TiKdistro herself.

Razorgrrl produced the online radio show Distorted Circuitry with DJ Morgana from 2004 to 2008, as well as contributing to ReGen Magazine‘s weekly podcasts occasionally during that time. She then moved on to hold the Podcast Director position at ReGen Magazine until 2011.

She has been active in many Toronto events including Neurodance, Burning Chrome, Industrial Bitch, United Electronic Audio Workers of Toronto (UEAW), Subterra Sessions, Killing Floor, Lost Compound, RvM, Toyko Cyber Monster Dance Party, Elektronix Dance Party, Technical Glitch, Optik Shift, H2-0S, Smerk, pin:ksox, DarkRave; performed guest spots at night clubs Savage Garden, Funhaus, Z, Velvet Underground, The Vatikan, Neu+ral, Nocturne; and has performed in Montreal (C.O.M.A., Kinetik), and Quebec City.

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:: industrial :: rhythmic noise :: IDM :: EBM :: breakcore :: hardcore ::

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