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Saturation Bombing 3 CANCELLED

We’ve been putting this off, but it’s now time to face reality.

With COVID-19, the idea of future planning is really difficult. Saturation Bombing 3, as we intended it, is not going to happen. The idea that we could get all the international acts here and play in a packed venue seems like an impossibility now. We had hoped, when we announced Saturation Bombing 3, to have months to plan and months to promote it. Now with each day that passes, we lose time. We haven’t been able to sell tickets, we haven’t been able to continue promoting; we haven’t even been able to plan out how much tickets could cost, since we don’t know what capacity the venue would be able to hold, if any.

We’ve decided not to hold this up in the air any longer.

We are officially cancelling Saturation Bombing 3.

We’ve decided not to reschedule the event for a date in the future right now, since we have no idea when a suitable date might be.

In the meantime, Bugs Crawling out of People will continue. There’s an upcoming Death of Self vs it-clings single in the works. We are working on some other releases too.

And we will endeavour to put on some local shows… We just don’t know when.

We have immense gratitude for all the bands and our followers, and we thank you for your support.

– squid & razorgrrl
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It’s happening — Saturation Bombing is back!

I haven’t posted much music-related news lately, but now I have a big announcement!

Coming October 2020, Saturation Bombing 3. YEAH!  www.saturationbombing.com

Brought to you by Bugs Crawling Out of People and TiK. It’s been 16 years since SB2 — TiK disbanded, BCP left Toronto, Razorgrrl moved to digital radio (and then retired), but we are back for this very special installment of the Saturation Bombing festival series.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Exciting announcements soon. Stay tuned.



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Archived Websites

I’ve decided to archive the sites tikdistro.com and distortedcircuitry.com here. After years of inactivity, it seems silly to keep hosting them elsewhere.

Visit Links for the links 🙂

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DJ playlist not recorded.

See YouTube for videos of compUterus’ performance:



🙂 🙂

Codex v2.0


Vendredi 13 septembre // Friday September 13th
7 pm – 3 am

7-8 : Dj SEX+DIVINE (Quebec)
8-9 : Dj RAZORGRRL (Toronto)
9-11 : Dj HANGED MAN (Toronto) vs Dj SAUCY MISO (Toronto)
11-12 : compUterus (Toronto)
12-1:30 : DJ JONAH K (Toronto)
1:30-3 : Dj DEZ ONE (Quebec)



Samedi 14 septembre // Saturday September 14th
7 pm – 3 am

7-9 : LE CYCLE TECHNO (Montreal)
9-10 : TBA
10-11 : MODBEAT (Quebec)
11-12 : MICHEL PLAMONDON (Quebec)
12-1 : DISPLACER (Toronto)
1-2 : ORPHX (Hamilton)
2-3 : S:CAGE (Toronto)

Merch :

Visuels par \ Visual by :
VJ DUSX (Toronto)


Billets \ Tickets :

Vendredi – Friday
15 $ en avance – in advance
20 $ à la porte – at the door

Samedi – Saturday
15 $ en avance – in advance
20 $ à la porte – at the door

Dimanche – Sunday

Site web du Festival \ Festival website:





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Burning Chrome: Dames of Noise

July 12, 2013
Burning Chrome
The Devil’s Cellar, 2872 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON, Canada

The ladies got together and laid down some kick-ass noise for the night, and we had the honour of initiating in ARIEL_13 with her first public DJ appearance. Excellent night! Thank you everyone!

Unfortunately, the set was not recorded, so I don’t have a mix for your listening pleasure. Sad face, I know 🙁

Dames of Noise


Hell hath no fury like these noisy ladies

Prepare your ears for strange symphonies…

For over ten years, Razorgrrl has been a cornerstone in the Toronto industrial club scene. This aptly labelled industrial-rivethead-bitch wrote the book on rhythm and distortion.

[[ ARIEL_13 ]]
A tempest brewing on the horizon finally touches down at BC. The mistress of discord transmits for the first time bringing the grittiest noise spun into sound torrents

Saucy has a passion for music that is hard, fast and electronic! Music reviewer G33K PR0N, Resident DJ at K market’s underground music showcase Subterra and host of the Eve-Radio weekly broadcast.

A treat for the eclectic listener, this twisted kitten lays down smooth dark electronics and surreal sound pulses unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Out of the babel of tongues and frequencies comes a voice and it plays a mighty noise. When power electronics are the name of the game, little red delivers a mighty racket.

19+ to drink

Burning Chrome takes place on the 2nd Friday of every month. Follow us here:


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“Dragon Pearlz” [a mixed set]

It’s Sunday night, so I made myself a nice cup of dragon pearls tea and listened to some mellow tunes — which somehow merged into more upbeat sounds; I blame the tea? I was essentially procrastinating from studying, of course.

Artist Track Album
Saltillo If Wishes were Catholics Monocyte
Access To Arasaka Razorgirl Emerging Organisms vol. 4
Disharmony Coma Evolution
Cdatakill Did I Just Eat A Stripper V/A. Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX
Port-Royal Spider Toupet Emerging Organisms vol. 4
Tapage Cancelling Unlisted Time Fallen Clouds
Stendeck crimson clouds cascade Scintilla
Architect The Beauty and the Beat (Rokka) Consume Adapt Create
Enduser 2/3 Ad Noiseam label compilation, Autumn 2010
Pandora’s Black Book Slowburn Black Brothel
ESA Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition PT2 (Manipulated By Lights Out Asia) The Immaculate Manipulation
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“Eclectic CuTz” [a mixed set]

Here is a tiny mini-set tonight, with a range of different sounds I fancied hearing. I can’t figure out what mood I was in…

Artist Track Album
Mind.In.A.Box Second Reality Revelations
iVardensphere These Machines Keep Me Alive (Lucidstatic Mix) Surgical Theatre 2
Lords of Acid Little Mighty Rabbit (Album Version) Deep Chills
Klutæ Electro Punks Unite Electro Punks Unite
16Volt Burn (Father Dub) Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
Architect The Beauty And The Beat [Hecq Remix] Upload Select Remix
The Grand Panic Leave v/a – human component
Aesthetic Perfection All Beauty Destroyed All Beauty Destroyed
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“Sharpen the RaZoR” [a mixed set]

I was sitting around on a Saturday night, procrastinating from studying, and thought I would play around with some DJing for a bit. I’m hoping to post more of these “fiddling around” sessions for your enjoyment, as I have been rather absent of late, and I miss giving you mixes <3

Enjoy 🙂

Artist Title Album
World’s End Girlfriend Wonderland Falling Tomorrow Dreams End Come True
Black Lung Introduction By Dr. Johnathon Cavendish The Sound Of Meat
displacer Windmill X Was Never Like This…
Twinkle Tu Es Perdu Le Jouet
Mimetic Data mimetic sonar (rmx) Sensitive
S.I.N.A Machine (Die Farben Rmx) Snapshot
C/A/T Live With Myself (Single Edit) Live With Myself (Single Edit)
ESA Your Anger Is A Gift (Manipulated By Access To Arasaka) The Immaculate Manipulation
Tzolk’in Tezcatlipoca Tonatiuh
Panic Lift Save Yourself Witness to Our Collapse
Mindless Faith Love is a Dirty Word Just Defy
Cervello Elettronico Automation And Dissent Process Of Elimination
100blumen Stempel Floral Annihilation
Sulphuric Saliva Painkiller V/A. Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX
iVardensphere Ancients (feat. Booming Tree Taiko) Bloodwater
Monolith Sub-System Sub-System
Ah Cama-Sotz Exxtrrminate (My Way To Heresy 2005 Ce-Mix) The Way To Heresy
Exillon Darkassid V/A. Ad Noiseam label compilation – spring 2009
Oil 10 Happy Mondays Arena
Otto Von Schirach sliced doves on codeine Oozing Bass Spasms
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Industrial Bitch

November 24, 2012
Industrial Bitch
Augusta House, 152A Augusta Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada

I had an amazing time DJing at the first Industrial Bitch event! Great crowd, great venue, great vibe! Thanks to Saucy Miso, Skeletalkitten, Synescape and Hanged Man!




Modulate Hard And Dirty Detonation
Uberbyte Industrial Bitch Dos
iVardensphere These Machines Keep Me Alive (Lucidstatic Mix) Surgical Theatre 2
Pow[D]er Pussy Cryogenicpussylover Six Ways From Sunday
Asche Dist DJ Part IV Distorted DJ
DYM 17 Martha Monoxide (CAUSTIC’s Useless Mix) The Swarm
Novproc Copy & Waste Alias EP
Noisia Machine Gun Split The Atom
Soman Wanting Sound Pressure 2.0
Captive Six Shut Down Everything Noizemaker
Unter Null I Can’t Be The One (DYM Mix) Moving On
Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Fuck What You Think Mix by C/A/T) Pastel Aggressive
Converter Coma (Tik Remix) Expansion Pack 2.0
Manufactura Killing You [Converter Remix] Regression

aka: a few women who love industrial music

By popular demand, you guys wanted it so we’re throwing an all industrial evening brought to you by hostesses with the mostesses, a handful aficionados who love love love the oontz.

Get ready for a Saturday night covering industrial music old and new, plus select tunage from related hard stomping genres, noise, idm, glitch, hardcore etc.

Music by:

SAUCY MISO – g33kpron.com / eve-radio.com
RAZOR GRRL – Regen Magazine
SKELETAL KITTEN – Burning Chrome
SYNESCAPE – Burning Chrome

Great food, cheap drinks and NEW SOUND at the always cozy, always warm AUGUSTA HOUSE 152a Augusta Ave in the heart of Kensington Market.

Saturday November 24, 2012, Doors open at 10pm.

$5 Cover, 19+ event

Very special thanks for support from g33kpron.com, fragilemuse.org, eve-radio.com, and subterra.

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