“Sharpen the RaZoR” [a mixed set]

I was sitting around on a Saturday night, procrastinating from studying, and thought I would play around with some DJing for a bit. I’m hoping to post more of these “fiddling around” sessions for your enjoyment, as I have been rather absent of late, and I miss giving you mixes <3

Enjoy 🙂

Artist Title Album
World’s End Girlfriend Wonderland Falling Tomorrow Dreams End Come True
Black Lung Introduction By Dr. Johnathon Cavendish The Sound Of Meat
displacer Windmill X Was Never Like This…
Twinkle Tu Es Perdu Le Jouet
Mimetic Data mimetic sonar (rmx) Sensitive
S.I.N.A Machine (Die Farben Rmx) Snapshot
C/A/T Live With Myself (Single Edit) Live With Myself (Single Edit)
ESA Your Anger Is A Gift (Manipulated By Access To Arasaka) The Immaculate Manipulation
Tzolk’in Tezcatlipoca Tonatiuh
Panic Lift Save Yourself Witness to Our Collapse
Mindless Faith Love is a Dirty Word Just Defy
Cervello Elettronico Automation And Dissent Process Of Elimination
100blumen Stempel Floral Annihilation
Sulphuric Saliva Painkiller V/A. Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX
iVardensphere Ancients (feat. Booming Tree Taiko) Bloodwater
Monolith Sub-System Sub-System
Ah Cama-Sotz Exxtrrminate (My Way To Heresy 2005 Ce-Mix) The Way To Heresy
Exillon Darkassid V/A. Ad Noiseam label compilation – spring 2009
Oil 10 Happy Mondays Arena
Otto Von Schirach sliced doves on codeine Oozing Bass Spasms
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