Welcome to RaZ♥RGrrL.com…

Poke around and explore! There are plenty of podcasts and live set recordings to stream/download, as well as info on past events and playlists. Enjoy!

*** Missing the Distorted Circuity website? Visit the archive! ***

** The old TiKdistro website is also archived. **

* The archive of the old design can be found at razorgrrl.com/archive_2005-2011 *

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2 Responses to Welcome to RaZ♥RGrrL.com…

  1. GEARBOXXX says:

    Hey is anyone alive heir?? I miss this show and it live broadcasts! I wanted to say hellow to all my hardcore heads out there still ripping the system! I noticed that a lot of links are broken but also that somethimes no matter what playlist I listen to it plays the same songs also guids me to the same link. Anyone please help. Im saving what live shows I can on this site. I hope to hear back from some kind soul out there. GEAR DURAN aka LITHIUMSHOK

    • RaZoRGrrL says:

      Really? Broken links? I wasn’t aware of any broken links! Ack!

      Can you tell me which ones are broken?

      I was off for a month, but I am back now… and the 300th episode is this week 🙂