Guest Host on ISN Radio


Be sure to check out this week’s episode of ISN radio, hosted by myself, DJ Razorgrrl, with my trusty sidekick, [spit:fire]! Lots of laughs, awesome music, and unscripted fun! Don’t miss it!

Thanks to Edwin Somnambulist for allowing us to take over the show.

Time Artist Track Album Label
02:55 Scandy Crush On A Robot 13 Ways To Masturbate (2006) Masterhit Recordings
08:33 I Love 64 R.E.T.R.O. (2010) Metropolis Records
11:42 Crystal Castles Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)
17:35 Unter Null Broken Heart Cliché (Alien Vampires Mix) Moving On (2010) Alfa Matrix
22:12 Front Line Assembly I.E.D. Improvised Electronic Device (2010) Metropolis Records
27:30 DYM Martha Monoxide (CAUSTIC’s Useless Mix) The Swarm (2011) COP International
32:43 Urceus Exit My Reward Compensation for the Sound of Silence (2009) Artoffact Records
37:54 The Birthday Massacre Pale Pins and Needles (2010) Metropolis Records
41:46 Fractured Save Me Beneath The Ashes (2011) Dependent Records
48:45 Iszoloscope Inseparable From The Void The Edge Of Certainty (2010) Ant Zen
54:35 iVardensphere A Sign Of Things To Come Bloodwater (2010) Synthetic Sounds
58:39 Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Polluted Axis vs Polluted Axis vs Batz Maru – The Thunderdome Mix) Pastel Aggressive (2010) Crunch Pod
1:05:47 Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
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One Response to Guest Host on ISN Radio

  1. Timtek says:

    A show hijacked by two tequila swillin’ chick dj’s is obviously gonna kick ass and this set absolutely does. I usually like really hard, aggressive stuff but the first 3 tracks are great. Crush on a machine reminds me of ‘you suck’ by consolidated. It’s got that grrl(see what i did there? :p) power sex humor thing in full effect. I love 64 is well executed and actually pulls off the gentle side of electronic music very well. From there it just keeps up with solid tracks. The only problem with this set is of course, katy perry. Only the digital meat grinder known as breakcore could have salvaged that mess of a track.