ReGen Radio: Podcast for February 21, 2011

Features songs by Red Industrie, Massiv In Mensch, Menschdefekt, XP8 and Sebastian R. Komor, Wumpscut, Bitch Brigade, Combichrist, Edge of Dawn, KMFDM, C-Drone-Defect, Unter Null, Front Line Assembly.

My apologies for not having a full podcast with vocals this week — I haven’t been too busy to do a show per se, just obsessed with playing “Angry Birds”, ha.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:16 Red Industrie Your Wish Is My Command Featuring Sara Noxx Switch
04:49 Massiv In Mensch Clubber Lang (Mix by Headscan) Hands On Massiv ArtofFact Records
09:39 Menschdefekt I Am The Way The Human Parasite Metropolis Records
14:36 XP8 and Sebastian R. Komor Let Your Body Learn [XP8ed remix] Muscle And Hate A Tribute To Nitzer Ebb
18:44 Wumpscut Loyal To My Hate Siamese Metropolis Records
25:32 Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Statik Pulse Remix) Pastel Aggressive Crunch Pod Media
28:50 Combichrist Through These Eyes Of Pain Making Monsters Metropolis Records
32:32 Edge of Dawn Capture Anything That Gets You Through The Night Metropolis Records
35:56 KMFDM Never Say Never (Confessional Mix) by Komar Kommando Krieg Metropolis Records
41:37 C-Drone-Defect Morituri Te Salutant(Silenti Etc Remix By Virtual Terrorist) Letters from Dystopia EP NoiTekk
48:44 Unter Null Hypocrite And Contradict Moving On Alfa Matrix
52:32 Front Line Assembly Afterlife Improvised. Electronic. Device. Metropolis Records
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