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April 20, 2009
Connexion Bizarre
** You Need It. You Want It. **

Moctan – Plastic Error Mind (Special Bunker Edit)
[V/A. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns – Das Bunker]
Hypnoskull – The Most Feared Man On Earth
[Industrial Owes Us Money – Ant-Zen Records]
Famine – lesion powder sickness (fixed)
[Every Mirror Turns Black – Bugs Crawling Out of People]
Interlope – New World Order
[Petits Arrangements Entre Amis – Expressillon]
Dev/Null – Gorechestra
[Necrobestial Sadobreaks – Cock Rock Disco]
Marching Dynamics – Confederate
[The Workers Party Of Haiti – Hymen Records]
Edgey – Malice Spoils
[The Abuse Technique – Hive Records]
iammynewt vs. Skullduggery – shitMuppET
[Ohaka – Trozoc]
Synth-Etik – Four More Points
[Phantom – Hands Productions]
Bong-Ra – House of Armageddon
[V/A. Maschinenfest 2008 – Pflichtkauf]
Rabbit Junk – Power
[Project Nonagon – The Struggle II – RabbitJunk.com]
DJ Donna Summer – Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre Remix)
[V/A. Rock Rock Rock Remixes – Cock Rock Disco]
End – A Girl Called Trouble
[A Girl Called Trouble – AeroCCCP Recordings]

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