Podcast for May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Noir Du’Soleil – Dreams Through Fire (le feu du soleil mix)
Aesthetic Perfection – Pale
Something Infected – Sin
Nolongerhuman – Autonomy
Alien Vampires – Far From Humans (Featuring Suicide Commando)
Phosgore – Pain Tutorial (Advanced Agony mix)
3 Cold Men – Crossing Waters (Unmasked Rmx by XPQ-21)
Anders Manga – There Will Be Blood
VNV Nation – Carry You (Frozen Plasma mix)
Massiv In Mensch – History (Nearfield Mix by Standeg)
Assemblage 23 – Naked (Straight Pump Mix by Daniel Myer)
Wumpscut – Oh How It Feels
Vigilante – Fair Fight (Reel Remix)

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