Podcast for August 9, 2010

Features songs by X Marks The Pedwalk, Cylab, SAM, X-Rx, God Module, Nitzer Ebb, The Break Up, Squarehead, Noisuf-X, UnterART, Souless Affection, Project Pitchfork.

We have another guest DJ this week — DJ Seraphim!

Seraphim began DJing in 1999 in Southern California. His first gig was as one of the two resident DJs at Absynthe; a Gothic/Industrial club in Hollywood, CA which ran for three years. Unfortunately, the club closed its doors shortly into 2000. During the following year he mainly held guest spots at various clubs in and around the Southern California such as, Empire, Code and Nowhere. He also held a brief residency at Defkon in Orange County, where he was one of three resident DJs. Feeling confined by a solely Industrial club, Seraphim packed his CD cases and took another residency spot late in 2000 and into 2001 at the more eclectic club 01001, where he, along with DJ Noah Korda, set forth to run a club that blended all styles of Electronic Dance Music from Trance to Powernoise and everything and anything in-between.

During this time, while already bouncing around from club to club, from night to night, residency to residency, he was one of the three founders and producers of SynthCon — a three-day, three-night music event and conference that showcased 15 electronic bands and DJs from across the country and world. The event was a significant success in the Los Angeles electronic music scene and in the span of merely a few years, Seraphim had put himself on the map as not just another run-of-the-mill club DJ.

In the years that followed, Seraphim continued to work his way through multiple facets of the Los Angeles underground, gaining further residencies and guest spots at various clubs and concerts. In 2005, after a successful guest spot spinning to a packed floor at Orange Counties premier Industrial Dance club, Maschine, DJ Seraphim was asked to join on full-time. In the early part of 2006, he went on a multi-city tour with the band CYLAB where he spun at Vogue in Seattle, Washington.

In late 2006, DJ Seraphim found himself once again in Seattle, this time to stay. Within his first few months there, he was being asked to DJ at various concerts, as well as getting several new club residencies in the process. It’s 2010 now, and Seraphim continues to branch out his wide array of music and honed DJ abilities, showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.


Thanks to DJ Seraphim for being on the show!

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:00 X Marks The Pedwalk Clean Hearts Inner Zone Journey Infacted Recordings
05:50 Absurd Minds Human Bomb Serve or Suffer Scanner
09:50 Cylab The Shifting Time Cut & Coil WhisperCore
14:05 SAM Corporate Violate Brainwasher Pro Noize
17:45 X-Rx Push It Upgrade 3.0 Pro Noize
22:10 God Module A Minute To Midnight (System Syn Mix) The Magic In My Heart Is Dead Out Of Line
22:55 Nitzer Ebb Down On Your Knees Industrial Complex Major Records
23:30 The Break Up Guillotine The Break Up XoL Productions
33:00 Squarehead My Syths Gone Wild Voltage Controlled Body Music
37:10 Noisuf-X Please Hang Up Excessive Exposure Pro Noize
41:30 UnterART Novalis Part III Out Of Line
45:05 Souless Affection Missing Extreme Sündenfall 8 Indigo
48:55 Project Pitchfork Full Contact Continuum Ride Tristol
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