Podcast for September 6, 2010

Features songs by HIV+, IAMX, Wynardtage, How to Destroy Angels, Panic Lift, C-Drone-Defect, 16Volt, Combichrist, Orange Sector, Shiv-R, Alphastatic, Edge of Dawn, CeDigest, Rabia Sorda.

I‚Äôm off this week due to a concert in Toronto and my need to hang out with bands all weekend ūüôā So we continue our series of guest DJs. This week, we have DJ¬†Forensic!

Forensic (Joseph Bobnick) is a DJ hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri.  Originally from the East Coast, Forensic began spinning while at University in Syracuse, NY, eventually moving on to Boston, spinning vinyl at clubs such as Screamers, Zodiac, and Manray.

In Saint Louis, Forensic is known for being multidimensional in his musical tastes, and spins at a variety of different nights.  Within the industrial scene, he ranges from early 90s classics to newer, harder industrial.  Forensic has been featured as a resident at the monthly event Conspiracy, as well as a guest at weekly events such as Rapture and Subversion.  In addition, Forensic is the mastermind behind two popular nights featuring progressive electronica- ANTH3M and R3WIND- which cater to the trance/techno clientele.

Forensic can be reached at forensic.dj@gmail.com OR  www.facebook.com/joseph.bobnick

Thanks to DJ Forensic for being on the show!

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:15 HIV+ Suicide Diva Overdose Kill Me Caustic Records
05:17 IAMX I Am Terrified (Alec Empire Remix) Dogmatic Infadel Comedown OK Metropolis Records
10:09 Wynardtage The Frozen Point (Echorausch remix) The Grey Line COP International
15:20 How to Destroy Angels Parasite Self-Titled EP Self-Release
20:06 Panic Lift Shelter Witness To Our Collapse Hive Records
24:27 C-Drone-Defect Morituri Te Salutant Dystopia COP International
29:00 16Volt Become Your None (Sparrow mix) American Porn Songs Remixed Metropolis Records
32:40 Combichrist God Wrapped In Plastic Noise Collection Volume 1 Metropolis Records
37:54 Orange Sector Angst (Phobie Mix) Krieg & Frieden Metropolis Records
41:08 Shiv-R The End (pt 1) Hold My Hand Metropolis Records
45:15 Alphastatic Coldlike N/A Self-Release
48:00 Edge of Dawn Lucid Dreams Anything That Gets You Through The Night Metropolis Records
52:02 CeDigest Evil Returns Walking In The Flesh NoiTekk
57:00 Rabia Sorda Breaking Through Metodos del Caos Out of Line
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