Podcast for October 11, 2010

Features songs by Ministry, Pigface, KMFDM, Consolidated, 16Volt, Sister Machine Gun, Battery, Flesh Field, Skinny Puppy, I, Parasite, Xorcist, MDFMK, Pop Will Eat Itself, C-Tec, Download, Numb, Curve, Meg Lee Chin, Snog.

I recorded this show in honour of my birthday, and my desire to hear older industrial (and by older, I mean 10-15 years ago). I sat down to record a regular show, but then I was absorbed listening to a favourite track of mine by Sister Machine Gun, and decided “Heck! I’m doing a retro show!” I hope you enjoy it, and I will return to regularly scheduled programming next week.

PS. It’s a bit longer than an hour. I had a hard time choosing tracks 😉

Time Artist Track Album Label
04:43 Ministry Burning Inside The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste Warner Bros. Records, Sire Records Company
09:20 Pigface Sick Asp F**k (Full Gimball / No. 1 Club Mix) Feels Like Heaven Invisible
13:48 KMFDM Sucks Angst Wax Trax! Records
17:04 Consolidated Cutting Business Of Punishment London Records
24:46 16Volt Uplift Skin Re-constriction Records
28:29 Sister Machine Gun Desperation Metropolis Wax Trax! Records, TVT Records
32:02 Battery Aftermath Aftermath COP International
37:39 Flesh Field My Saviour Viral Extinction Inception Records
43:49 Skinny Puppy Cult The Process American Recordings
46:45 I, Parasite Piety Turin Tinman, Dark Vision Media
53:51 Xorcist Scorched Blood Soul Reflection 21st Circuitry
1:05:29 MDFMK Control MDFMK Universal Records
1:10:48 Pop Will Eat Itself Ich Bin Ein Auslander Dos Dedos Mis Amigos Infectious Records, Nothing Records, Interscope Records
1:14:29 C-Tec Foetal Darker Wax Trax! Records, TVT Records
1:29:21 Download Suni C The Eyes of Stanley Pain Nettwerk, Sub-Conscious Communications
1:26:39 Numb Stalker Blood Meridian Metropolis
1:33:04 Curve Chinese Burn Come Clean Universal Records
1:37:36 Meg Lee Chin Nutopia Piece And Love Invisible
1:46:01 Snog The Ballad Buy Me… I’ll Change Your Life Metropolis
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