ReGen Radio: Podcast for January 3, 2011

Features songs by Aliceffekt, 100blumen, Animassacre, iVardensphere, FabrikC, Bitch Brigade, Tea and Grief, Alter der Ruine, 16volt, Iszoloscope, Asche, Prometheus Burning, Soman, This Morn’ Omina.

I’m back. After a month and a half, it’s about time I did a f**cking show, eh?

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:05 Aliceffekt MarcheFUNEBRE 60Va Ann Yozora Saint Self Released
02:05 Aliceffekt Devilish Games Ann Yozora Saint Self Released
04:44 Aliceffekt 03966 Ann Yozora Saint Self Released
08:22 100blumen The Unrest Down With The System, Long Live The System Ant-Zen
12:42 Animassacre Noise Of Doom Evolve Rupal Records
17:40 iVardensphere The Source Of Uncertainty Bloodwater Synthetic Sounds
22:11 FabrikC Mensch Gleichstrom Pro Noize
25:45 Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Fuck What You Think Mix by C/A/T) Pastel Aggressive Crunch Pod
30:04 Tea and Grief Oppression You Are Here: a Compilation of California Electronics (vol.2) Connexion Bizarre
34:36 Alter der Ruine Elevator Noize This is why we can’t have nice things Pro Noize
38:56 16volt Alkali (Lucidstatic remix) Surgical Theatre CRL Studios
44:12 Iszoloscope Heard Voices [Xenocode Remix] Beyond Within Ant-Zen
49:31 Asche Doing Bad Things The Easter Island Phenomenon Ant-Zen
56:17 Prometheus Burning Mindbenders Displacement Disorder Augmented Records
1:00:46 Soman Divine Sound Pressure 2.0 Metropolis Records
1:07:06 This Morn’ Omina Telluran Momentum Of Singular Clarity (EP) Ant-Zen
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