ReGen Radio: Podcast for January 24, 2011

Features songs by Encoder, Krystal System, And One, System Syn, Cylab, Left Spine Down, FGFC820, XP8, Coph Nia, Inertia, Noir du’Soleil, Bigod 20.

Bands often cover each other — bringing something new and offering an alternate take on a song. This week, I play only covers! Enjoy 🙂

Time Artist Track Album Original Band Original Year Label
01:52 Encoder Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Slivers Of Time Eurythmics 1983 Encoder Records
06:45 Krystal System Master And Servant (The Whip It Side) Underground: Voodoo Night Sessions Depeche Mode 1993 Alfa Matrix
10:07 And One It’s A Sin (Live) Bodypop 1½ Pet Shop Boys 1987 Metropolis and Out of Line
13:24 System Syn Losing My Religion Here’s To You R.E.M 1991 Metropolis Records
19:28 Cylab Heart-Shaped Box Disseminate Nirvana 1993 Whispercore Music
24:10 Left Spine Down She’s Lost Control VOLTAGE 2.3: Remixed & Revisited Joy Division 1979 Synthetic Sounds
29:04 FGFC820 Ich Bin Ein Ausländer Law & Ordnance Pop Will Eat Itself 1994 Noitekk, COP International, Deathwatch Asia
32:47 XP8 Out Of Control Drop The Mask She Wants Revenge 2006 Metropolis Records
38:32 Coph Nia Sympathy For The Devil The Dark Illuminati – A Celestial Tragedy in Two Acts Rolling Stones 1968 Cold Meat Industry
43:23 Inertia Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) Kloned Concrete Blonde 1990 Cryonica Music
48:20 Noir du’Soleil Cold The Cure 1982
53:54 Bigod 20 Like A Prayer On the Run Madonna 1989 Zoth Ommog
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