ReGen Radio: Podcast for April 18, 2011

ReGen Radio episode #294 features songs by Prospero, DYM, Perfection Plastic, Ad•ver•sary, Philipp Münch, ESA, Defrag, Bipol, Alter der Ruine, Mono-Amine, Iszoloscope, Abs6.

I am going to make you move this week! Get out of that chair and dance, bitches!

As I mention on the show, Kinetik Festival promo podcasts can be heard on DJ Hangedman’s show this year. We are collaborating! Visit his site at, and listen to his three hour live broadcasts Wednesday evenings at 8pm EST, at Eve Radio,

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:05 Prospero Taiko’s Prophet (Featuring Fractured) (Remix) Turning Point Artoffact Records
03:59 DYM Lifesized (Remix by compUterus) The Swarm Noitekk, Deathwatch Asia
08:52 Perfection Plastic Bad Girls (CATFIIIIIIIGHT mix by Caustic) Echec de la Matiere Force of Nature
12:44 Ad·ver·sary No Exit (Asche remix) Wounds of the Earth Compilation II Wounds of the Earth
16:23 Philipp Münch Roses, Red And Black Into The Absurd Ant-Zen Records
21:22 ESA Tasting Nails (Manipulated By Marching Dynamics) The Immaculate Manipulation Tympanik Audio
26:02 Defrag Long Horrible Shadows Lament Element Hymen Records
31:58 Bipol Talk About My Scream Fritter Away Ant-Zen Records
37:35 Alter der Ruine Achtung! Bitches? This is why we can’t have nice things Pro Noize
42:08 Mono-Amine Encountering No Resistance Do Not Bend Ant-Zen Records
53:48 Iszoloscope Dumachus Junction Featuring Aliceffekt Beyond Within Ant-Zen Records
57:12 Abs6 Basslines Enhancing The Intestinal Transit Audiomedikation Hymen Records
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