(Best of) Kinetik Festival compilation

I was listening to the new Kinetik Festival compilation last night, and I decided to assemble a little mix of a few of my favourite tracks. These are just a few of my favourites, as the entire album is great; I highly recommend you pick it up (details posted below for where to buy). This is not intended as a club DJ mix, so don’t expect beat matching, but do expect to have your motor revved for the upcoming festival! 🙂

I have included Unter Null, even though she will not be appearing at Kinetik this year — she unfortunately had to cancel. But it’s an awesome track so I had to include it in my favourites.

If you are interested in hearing me talk about the upcoming fest, I am doing promo radio shows with DJ Hangedman on Eve Radio. Read more here: Kinetik Promo Shows

Important links:
The Kinetik Festival will be held in Montreal, Canada from May 19-25.
Kinetik Festival: Volume Four is released on Artoffact Records, and distributed by Storming The Base. All artists performing at Kinetik can be purchased at Storming The Base.

Time Artist Track
00:10 Front Line Assembly Angriff
06:36 System Syn Chemical (Cellmod Remix)
12:20 Painbastard Nyctophobia (Remixed by This Morn ‘Omina)
16:42 Ivardensphere A Sign of Things to Come
20:49 Unter Null I Can’t Be the One (DYM Mix)
24:43 Iszoloscope Sum of Us All (ESA Kinetik Cut)
28:48 ESA Blood is Merged
33:47 Front 242 Triple X Girlfriend
37:25 Mind.in.a.Box Certainty (Remixed By Thee Hyphen)
42:55 Aliceffekt Thievery of the Jade Books
46:05 Suicide Commando Cause of Death: Suicide (Try Again Remix by Converter)

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