ReGen Radio: Podcast for May 2, 2011

ReGen Radio episode #296 features songs by Animassacre, God Module, Carphax Files, Chemlab, Cyanotic, Cesium_137, Suicide Commando, Mangadrive, Funker Vogt, Alien Vampires, Klonavenus, Ad Inferna, KMFDM.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:04 Animassacre Apathy Evolve Rupal Records
06:06 God Module A Minute To Midnight The Magic In My Heart Is Dead Metropolis Records
11:14 Carphax Files No More Man Revolutionize Vol. 1: Dirt COP International
15:17 Chemlab Solar Max (The Jimmy Semtex Coil) Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Metropolis Records
19:31 Cyanotic Dissonant Dissident The Medication Generation Bit Riot Records / Glitch Mode Recordings
24:36 Cesium_137 Unwanted Identity Metropolis Records
28:56 Suicide Commando The Pleasures Of Sin Implements Of Hell Metropolis Records
33:49 Mangadrive Roomremover (Acidic Remix) by Lucidstatic Surgical Theatre CRL Studios
37:35 Funker Vogt Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix) Arising Hero Metropolis Records
41:34 Alien Vampires Fuck Off and Die (Remix by NOISUF-X) Fuck Off and Die BLC Productions
47:09 Klonavenus The Loser (Ginger Snap5 infected mix) The Loser Self-Released
52:40 Ad Inferna The Second Half of the Sky DSM Nilaihah Records
59:46 KMFDM People Of The Lie (Requiem Mix) by Koichi Fukuda Krieg Metropolis Records
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