ReGen Radio: Podcast for July 4, 2011

Episode #299 features songs by Covenant, Memmaker, Freakangel, Soman, Phosgore, Alter der Ruine, Iszoloscope, The Rabid Whole, Combichrist, IAMX, Celldweller, DYM.

I’m back! It’s great to be back after a month away. Enjoy!






00:06 Covenant Beat the Noise Modern Ruin Metropolis Records
07:09 Memmaker Robot Buzz (Featuring Cervello Elettronico) (Remix) How to Remix a Robot Uprising: DELUXE EDITION Artoffact Records
12:08 Freakangel God’s Blind Game The faults of humanity Deathwatch Asia
16:52 Soman Let Me Go Noistyle Metropolis Records
23:35 Phosgore Killerhertz Domination Pro Noize
26:43 Alter der Ruine Batsmasher This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Pro Noize
30:56 Iszoloscope Raudivian Device [Mangadrive Remix] Beyond Within Ant-Zen Records
38:08 The Rabid Whole My Love, My Blood ( Remix) Autraumaton Remixed Synthetic Sounds
44:27 Combichrist Throat Full Of Glass (Renegade Of Noise Mix By Daniel Myer) Throat Full Of Glass Metropolis Records
48:58 IAMX You Can Be Happy (Combichrist Remix) Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK Metropolis Records
56:00 Celldweller Frozen (On The Rocks Mix) – Remix: Lucidstatic Surgical Theatre CRL Studios
1:01:19 DYM Sin Phony (Fractured Remix) The Swarm Noitekk, Deathwatch Asia
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