Neurodance v3.01 [live set recording]

Congratulations Neurodance on your TWO YEAR anniversary! It was an honour to take part in such a fantastic night with an awesome roster of DJs; great energy, great people and, of course, great music make Neurodance fabulous. Special props to Saucy Miso and Acerbius for sharing the front stage with me! Love you guys!

January 7, 2012
Neurodance v3.01
Nocturne, 550 Queen St W
Toronto, ON, Canada




Squid Lid It’s Not Timmy Steam Powered Submarine
Noisia Stigma Split The Atom
Abs6 Douce Trépanation [Remix By Mimetic] Audiomedikation
End.User 2/3 1/3
Architect The Beauty And The Beat [End.User Remix] Upload Select Remix
Aliceffekt Building for the festival aux Jardins d’Opal Orchestrate the Sixth Season
Iszoloscope Heard Voices [Xenocode Remix] Beyond Within
ohGr Collidoskope Undeveloped
Binary Park Worlds Collide (Impact Mix) The Deviated
Prometheus Burning Mindbenders Displacement Disorder
iVardensphere Bloodwater (ESA Remix) APOK
Unter Null Destroy Me (Noisuf-X Vs. X-Fusion Mix) The Failure Epiphany
Mono No Aware After the Experiment Kika No Sekai
ESA It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By Exotic) The Immaculate Manipulation
Cellmod CRISIS (Shiv-R Remix) Adevolve
Phosgore Noise Preacher Domination


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