Burning Chrome w/ Prospero and Razorgrrl

November 9, 2012
Burning Chrome
The Devil’s Cellar, 2872 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada

It was a pleasure to DJ at Burning Chrome! It got to play quite a few tracks I haven’t brought out since the days of T.i.K.! And Prospero put on a fantastic show!!! Thanks to Skeletalkitten and Synescape for having us!




Azure Skies Bring Nothing Back Azure Skies
Ivardensphere Sick Bloodwater
Ad·ver·sary Number Nine Bone Music
Cybernetic Fuckheadz No Edges, No Rules Cybernetic:Fuckheadz
Black Lung Full Spectrum Dominance Full Spectrum Dominance
Synapscape New Order So What
100blumen Dig That Shizzel Surveillance
Nin Kuji Sleepless [Throbbing Silence] Sayonara
Death of Self empty (DYM remix) Accepting the Truth
Ah Cama-Sotz Narbukh (Transcendal Drum Remix By Mimetic) Ah Cama-Sotz (Cd 2 Re.Worx)
Ahnst Anders Dark Sun Home
Converter Order/Creature Exit Ritual
Aural Blasphemy Sonomech v2 Catharsis
Scrape[Dx] Autotransformers Non±linear Interfacing
ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) It’s Hard To Sleep In Hell (Manipulated By Exotic) The Immaculate Manipulation
Iszoloscope The Sum Of Us All [Ivardensphere Remix] Beyond Within
Converter Coma (Tik Remix) Expansion Pack 2.0
Manufactura Killing You (Unbound Mix) A Damaged Symphony For Depraved Dementia N.2: Regression Through Precognitive Dissonance
Lament Configuration Daisy Chainsaw Digging in the Alley
The Peoples Republic of Europe 4- strike again (statik sky mix) DJ Barf 3
Imminent Starvation Tentack One Nord
Asche Count Suckers The Easter Island Phenomenon
Imminent Starvation Tentack One Nord
P•A•L Cyber Junkyard m@rix
Orphx Halflife I Teletai


NOVEMBER 9th 10pm
@ The Devil’s Cellar

Featuring the crunchiest, gnarliest, most earth-shattering noise you will hear in this city.

Skeletalkitten and Synescape bring you a collection of experimental, IDM, power noise, bizarre beats and surreal symphonies that will tantalize your senses.


For over ten years, Razorgrrl has been a cornerstone in the Toronto industrial club scene. She was a founding member of the Toronto Industrial Kollective, working to expand its reach and influence into other branches—TiK Distro, TiK Recordings, the Saturation Bombing Festivals, and now works with record label Bugs Crawling Out of People. In 2004, she started producing the online radio podcast Distorted Circuitry with DJ Morgana, and moved on to become the Podcast Director at ReGen Magazine.

Prospero is an industrial/rhythmic noise solo project by a long time DJ in the greater Toronto area.
He co-founded sub.session.records releasing A Storm Is Coming and subsequently a double CD entitled Spreading the Infection, was released in 2004 as a split release with France’s brume records. Prospero has contributed tracks to a number of compilations, including Sub.Session and Duo.Tone released by sub.session.records; Saturation Bombing I and II and [tik]co:man:d[sic] by TIK Recordings. He has remixed tracks for other notable [rhythmic noise] artists such as Empusae, s:cage and Converter.

In 2008 Prospero signed to Artoffact Records to release his 3rd CD, Folie à Deux, which contained collaborations with Ayria, Battery Cage. It-clings, and Terrorfakt.

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