Podcast for August 4, 2008

August 4, 2008

Alice in Videoland – She’s a Machine
Client – Lights Go Out (Unterart Mix)
Blind Before Dawn – Strangers (rezumaki remix)
Burial – Near Dark
Portishead – Threads
Ad•ver•sary – Urusai – Learned Helplessness (Destroy and Contaminate Mix)
Akron – I Failed You
Autoclav1.1 – This is Unititled (Synnack)
Individual Totem – The Actor
Memmaker – Get Your Ass to Mars
E.S.A. – Not a Man of God
Unter Null – Stray
Xotox – Ewig (Kinetik Mix)
CombiChrist – Prince of E-ville
Valium Era – Guns Don’t Kill

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