Podcast for March 29, 2010

Features songs by Amphetamine Virus, Edgey, Otto Von Schirach, Interlope, Somatic Responses, Nebulist, Cardopusher, Killjoy, Fractional, Hypnoskull, End, Ars Dada, Doc Colibri, Acrnym, Wisp.

All breakcore(ish) this week! Thanks to Timothy for the request.

Artist Track Album Label
Amphetamine Virus Nailbomb Cults Lost Compound 2 Lost Compound
Edgey Sedition Arise Flawed Hands Productions
Otto Von Schirach Sliced Doves on Codeine Oozing Bass Spasms Cock Rock Disco & Hymen Records
Interlope Who’s Who? Petits Arrangements Entre Amis Expressillon
Somatic Responses Meta Material Neon Hymen Records
Nebulist Slow Iron Half Epic Anomely Independent
Cardopusher Low End Legacy Unity Means Power Ad Noiseam
Killjoy Supermassiveravecore666 The BRK Breakcore Show Vol.2 BRK
Fractional Pharsedic Electronic Compilation By Kod.eX Kod.eX & Brume Records
Hypnoskull It’s Been 1 Year And 22 Days (All Hell Is Breaking Loose) Panik Mekanik Ant-Zen
End Living In A Monochromatic World The Dangerous Class Hymen Records
Ars Dada 19 Ægri Somnia Cock Rock Disco
Doc Colibri Faya Bumbaka Po…pô…Popp! E.P. Love Love Records
Acrnym Repeat Flowers Sublight Records
Wisp The Bard (Postlude) Miwak Twelve Hymen Records
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