Podcast for April 5, 2010


Features songs by Leaether Strip, 16Volt, Chemlab, Left Side Neighbour, Alien Vampires, Decoded Feedback, SAM, FGFC820, Komor Kommando (feat. Jean Luc de Meyer), Synapscape, Edgey, Aliceffekt, Dive, Tactical Sekt, Ambassador 21, DESTROID, Nachtmahr, Memmaker, iVardensphere, Synnack, Rotersand, Melotron, Lights of Euphoria, Unter Null, Glenn Love, Detroit Diesel.

[Please Note: Due to the awesomeness of this show, this week’s podcast is longer than usual.]

Welcome to this week’s super mega podcast! ReGen Radio has joined forces with ISN Radio and The DJ Moose Show to bring you — *drum roll* — Industrial Strength Moose Radio: Regenerate Your Nightmare! Join us for 2.5 hours of great industrial music as we preview the upcoming Kinetik Festival.

And a special treat this week! For those of you that would like a .m4a version of the show, please download this link: .m4a version
Yes, you can be pampered this week with chapters and track titles — fancy! Don’t get too used to it though, it’s not a permanent addition.

Thanks to DJ Moose for editing and compiling the show. And thanks to Edwin Somnambulist for hosting me at his bunker while we recorded.

The Kinetik Festival will take place May 12-16, in Montreal, Canada. Please visit the website for more details, and to purchase tickets. Buy your tickets soon (and by soon, I mean RIGHT NOW), as they are almost sold out!


Artist Track Album Label
Leaether Strip Nosecandy Fit For Flogging Cleopatra Records
16Volt Uplift Skin Re-constriction Records & Off Beat
Chemlab Codeine, Glue and You Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar Fifth Colvmn Records & Devotion Records & Invisible
Left Side Neighbour Rhadamanthus (Anomaly Fields) The Elysian Fields Independent
Alien Vampires Far From Humans (featuring Suicide Commando) Fuck Off and Die BLC Productions
Decoded Feedback EVOlution EVOlution Zoth Ommog & Metropolis
SAM Ism Inc. Destruction Unit Pro Noize & Vendetta Music
FGFC820 The Heart of America (Mesmer’s Eyes Mix) Endzeit Bunkertracks (Act IV) Alfa Matrix
Komor Kommando (feat. Jean Luc de Meyer) John the Revelator Re:covered – A Tribute To Depeche Mode [club EP] Alfa Matrix
Synapscape Bizarre Disco Junky Positive Pop Ant-Zen
Edgey Total Annihilation Square Forms Annihilations Hands Productions
Aliceffekt À Odin, Aujourd’hui Le 11 Janvier 1944 Lu’s Floral Funeralis Independent
Dive Nobody Else Behind The Sun Daft Records
Tactical Sekt Chosen One Syncope (Limited Edition) NoiTekk & COP International
Ambassador 21 Elvis vs. Batman Maschinenfest 2005 Pflichtkauf
DESTROID Lucretia My Reflection Silent World EP Scanner
Nachtmahr Maedchen in Uniform Maedchen in Uniform Trisol
Memmaker Get Your Ass to Mars How to Enlist In a Robot Uprising Hive Records
iVardensphere Jigsaw Scatterface Synthetic Sounds
Synnack Systema Adroit V2 Force Of Nature Productions
Rotersand War on Error Random is Resistance Trisol & Metropolis
Melotron Princess of Russia Propaganda (Audio Version) Synthetic Symphony
Lights of Euphoria Waters of Hades Fahrenheit Zoth Ommog
Unter Null Destroy Me The Failure Epiphany Alfa Matrix
Glenn Love Schnee Von Gestern Cryptesthesia Sonic-X
Detroit Diesel Lost Signal Terre Humaine Independent

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