Podcast for April 12, 2010

Features songs by Revolting Cocks, Angelspit, Bitch Brigade, Obscure Descension, Tyske Ludder, Zombie Girl, Schallfaktor, [:SITD:], Cervello Elettronico, Unter Null, Mind.In.A.Box, Urceus Exit, God Module.

Thanks to Jon for the suggestion to add times to the playlist! Great idea!

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:03 Revolting Cocks Keys To The City (Vegas Mix) Sex-O Olympic-O 13th Planet Records
05:59 Angelspit HeadFuck (Remix) Nurse Grenade EP Self Released
10:41 Bitch Brigade Tears Are What We Do Now (C/A/T Remix) Dendrite Crunch Pod
14:57 Obscure Descension Anxiety Obscure Descension Atrocity Records
18:58 Tyske Ludder Shokkz Anonymous Black Rain
23:56 Zombie Girl I Want It (iVardensphere Mix) The Halloween EP Alfa Matrix
28:28 Schallfaktor Suicide Confession Sittenverfall Infacted Recordings & COP International
32:39 [:SITD:] Stigmata Of Jesus Rot Metropolis
37:26 Cervello Elettronico Violent Skin Process Of Elimination Crunch Pod
42:56 Unter Null Moving On Moving On Alfa Matrix
47:37 Mind.In.A.Box The Last Ninja III R.E.T.R.O Metropolis
52:30 Urceus Exit Drifting Compensation for the Sound of Silence Artoffact Records
57:10 God Module The Magic In My Heart Is Dead The Magic In My Heart Is Dead Metropolis
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