Podcast for April 19, 2010

Features songs by Chemlab, 16Volt, Imperative Reaction, The Gothsicles, FabrikC, Hypnoskull, T-Faktor, Unter Null, Synapscape, Caustic, Aliceffekt.

Part One of Two: I feature the Kinetik Festival again this week, which will continue into next week’s show.

The Kinetik Festival will take place May 12-16, in Montreal, Canada. Please visit the website for more details, and to purchase tickets. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, and you plan on going, BUY THEM. If you wait any longer, you may be disappointed as they are almost sold out for Friday and Saturday night.


Time Artist Track Album Label
03:18 Chemlab Binary Nation (16Volt Max-Out) Rock Whore vs. Dance Floor Invisible & Underground, Inc.
07:27 16Volt Orange Insect AmericanPornSongs Metropolis
11:17 Imperative Reaction Compressed / Terror Eulogy For The Sick Child Zoth Ommog & Pendragon & Metropolis
17:11 The Gothsicles Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Nine Dudes Making Out REmix By Alter Der Ruine) Sega Lugosi’s Dead WTII Records
23:54 FabrikC Nethunter Gleichstrom Pro Noize
30:54 Hypnoskull Just Watch The G.O.D. Once Again (G.O.D.) – Once Again Ant-Zen
34:46 T-Faktor Bricks and Thunder Bricks and Thunder Force of Nature
40:16 Unter Null The Coldness of Caring Moving On Alfa Matrix
45:50 Synapscape New Order So What Ant-Zen
52:06 Caustic Formula 420 This Is Jizzcore Crunch Pod
58:48 Aliceffekt Visiting God First Era Howl’s Virgil Systems Self Released
59:17 Aliceffekt Gyroscope VI Howl’s Virgil Systems Self Released
1:02:16 Aliceffekt Theorem of Theories Howl’s Virgil Systems Self Released
1:04:15 Aliceffekt Wise Persons Howl’s Virgil Systems Self Released

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