Podcast for May 3, 2010

Features songs by 16Volt, Cyanotic, Chemlab, Left Spine Down, Drøne, 16Volt, Left Spine Down, SMP, 16Volt vs. Cyanotic, UCNX, Chemlab, H3llb3nt.

We focus on the 2010 MIDI Ghetto Tour, featuring 16volt, Chemlab, and Left Spine Down. For more information, visit ReGen Mag Concerts section, and keep checking out ReGen Magazine for the latest news on the underground industrial music scene.


Time Artist Track Album Label
01:27 16Volt American Porn Song (Skold Remix) American Porn Songs // Remixed Metropolis Records
05:53 Cyanotic f@5h10n v1k+um5 The Medication Generation Bit Riot Records
10:38 Chemlab Solar Max (Unreleased) Machine God Down (not released yet)
14:53 Left Spine Down Hang Up (Cracknation Mix) Voltage 2.3: Remixed & Revisited Synthetic Sounds
19:44 Drøne Disease Web Promo
24:07 16Volt Useless People (Villainous Remix) American Porn Songs // Remixed Metropolis Records
28:53 Left Spine Down Welcome to the Future (Synthetic Dream Foundation Remix) Smartbomb 2.3: The Underground Mixes Synthetic Sounds
34:33 SMP Fuck You (Albatross Remix) Pissing on the Legacy Music Ration Entertainment
39:12 16Volt vs. Cyanotic The Defect People (Glitch Mode Mix) Gears Gone Wild Bit Riot Records
42:40 UCNX 21st Century (Head Like a Whore Mix) Songs From The Hydrogen Bar: A Tribute To Chemlab MOMT
48:13 Chemlab Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss Remix by UCNX) Eckstrahschitt EP MOMT
54:16 H3llb3nt Jet Boy Machine Hardcore Vanilla Invisible

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