Podcast for May 10, 2010

Features songs by Psyche, Wumpscut, AlphaStatic, Murder Happens, Ego Likeness, Tyske Ludder, Schwarzblut, DeNision, Sinfinis, Unter Null, In Strict Confidence, Implant.

We have a guest DJ this week! DJ Forensic is a Saint Louis, Missouri based EBM/Industrial DJ; he holds residency at two local nights: CONSPIRACY and Rapture.

Thanks to DJ Forensic for being on the show! It was very helpful so that I could get myself ready to head off to the Kinetik Festival tomorrow. Hopefully we will have him back soon!

Time Artist Track Album Label
Om 42 sec Psyche 15 Minutes (Lights Out Edit) Until The Shadows Metropolis
5m 22sec Wumpscut Siamese Siamese Metropolis
10m 13 sec AlphaStatic Wrong God N/A alphastatic.com
16m 02 sec Murder Happens I’m On Fire Dead World and Dying Suns Murder happens
21m 28sec Ego Likeness The Lowest Place On Earth Breedless Metropolis
26m 12sec Tyske Ludder Kinkat (Feindflug edit) Kinetik Festival 2010 Artoffact
29m 57sec Schwarzblut Das Mandat Das Mausoleum Alfa Matrix
34m 58sec De/Vision Rage (extended club version) Rage/Time to be alive met Metropolis
40m 08sec Sinfinis My Strange Birthday The Edge of a Knife Sinfinis
42m 36sec Unter Null Can’t Be the One (De Tot Cor Mix) Moving On… Alfa Matrix
47m 16sec In Strict Confidence Set Me free (ASP remix) La parede montreuse (deluves) Metropolis
53m 52sec Implant Rip that thing (System FX remix) Violence Alfa Matrix
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