Podcast for November 8, 2010

Features songs by ohGr, Psyche, iVardensphere, Blind With Rain, Faderhead, SAM, Unter Null, Memmaker, Belladonnakillz X7.

The last half of the show is a special tribute to Belladonnakillz. We will miss you Peter. <3


Time Artist Track Album Label
00:12 ohGr Welcome To Collidoskope Welcome To Collidoskope Self-Released
06:09 Psyche The Crawler (Dead When I Found Her Remix) Re-Membering Dwayne Artoffact Records
09:50 iVardensphere Virus Scatterface Synthetic Sounds
15:04 Blind With Rain You Thought It Was Me (Blind With Rain Remix) Pressing Data with Digits (the ATODITS remixes) Self-Released
19:59 Faderhead The Way To Fuck God Black Friday L-Tracks
24:06 SAM Corporate Violate Brainwasher Pro Noize
27:58 Unter Null I Can’t Be The One (De_Tot_Cor Mix) Moving On Alfa Matrix
32:36 Memmaker Insomnia (Featuring Stendeck) (Remix) How to Remix a Robot Uprising: DELUXE EDITION Artoffact Records
39:22 Belladonnakillz Kill Bella Donna Perverted And Proud Dross:tik Records
43:42 Belladonnakillz Sexy Girl Perverted And Proud Dross:tik Records
47:27 Belladonnakillz Yeah Hell Yeah Perverted And Proud Dross:tik Records
52:10 Belladonnakillz Never As If Sublight Records
56:17 Belladonnakillz Liez Thru The Eyez As If Sublight Records
59:46 Belladonnakillz Beautiful Sorry Try Again Dross:tik Records
1:02:53 Belladonnakillz b in luv Sorry Try Again Dross:tik Records
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