Podcast for November 1, 2010

Features songs by Suicide Commando, v01d, Memmaker, Studio-X, X-Rx, iVardensphere, Uberbyte, Orange Sector, SAM, Noisuf-X, Grendel, Animassacre, Mordacious, Shaolyn.

Time Artist Track Album Label
00:10 Suicide Commando Die Motherfucker Die (Modulate Mix) Endzeit Bunkertracks (ACT V) Alfa Matrix
06:56 v01d Shake The Sleep (Memmaker Remix) Burnt Upon Re-Entry ArtofFact Records
11:34 Memmaker Death Comes (Featuring Rotersand) (Remix) How to Remix a Robot Uprising: DELUXE EDITION ArtofFact Records
17:18 Studio-X To Hell Unreleased
20:50 X-Rx Virus Infect Update 3.0
24:46 iVardensphere Nuke The Site From Orbit Scatterface
30:15 Uberbyte Total War Sic Crunch Pod Media
35:50 Orange Sector I Hate You Krieg & Frieden Metropolis Records
38:39 SAM Bull Fucking Shit Endzeit Bunkertracks (ACT V) Alfa Matrix
42:57 Noisuf-X I Am Watching You Excessive Exposure
47:33 Grendel Chemicals & Circuity (Komor Kommando Mix) Chemicals & Circuitry Metropolis Records
52:53 Animassacre Apathy (Wynardtage Remix) Evolve Rupal Records
57:54 Mordacious Black Box Necrolust
1:01:29 Shaolyn More Bass In All Frequencies Endzeit Bunkertracks (ACT V) Alfa Matrix
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