UEAW 002

May 26, 2012
UEAW 002
Toika Lounge, 471 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada





Stendeck catch the midnight girl  Scintilla
Klangstabil Vertraut [Renegade Of Noise Remix By Daniel Myer]  Vertraut
Torrent Vaccine Adroit Deflector (Vs Synnack)  Focus
Millipede Concevoir (Gaztheque Remix By Aphorism)  V/A. Miwak Twelve
Echorausch Shape  V/A. Funkwelten – The Label Compilation 01
Saltillo I Hate You  Monocyte
Soma Stygian Visions  The Inner Cinema
Famine Material Things  Nature’s Twin Tendencies
Lucidstatic Lost Broadcast (SINthetik Messiah remix)  Yurei
Tonikom Insence  V/A. These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between Volume One

Live Performances by Matt Thibideau and Akumu
DJs: Marshall Dragun, Razorgrrl, Jairus Khan
Visuals by Hugh Elliott.

Toika Lounge, 471 Richmond Street West (one block west of Spadina), 10PM. 19+

This is a pay-what-you-want event in support of electronic artists.

This is the second event of the United Electronic Audio Workers of Toronto.

Through regular pay-what-you-want showcases of emerging and established artists, we will provide our community with an opportunity to enjoy the craft of live performance.

We will celebrate art by making it accessible. We will help audiences discover new artists. We will help artists reach new audiences. We will share our techniques and talents.

We will build our strength through performance.


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