Subterra Sessions [live set recording]

I had a great time DJing at Subterra Sessions on Friday. Thanks to Saucy Miso for inviting me!

June 29, 2012
Subterra Sessions
Augusta House, 152A Augusta Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada




Mono No Aware After the Experiment Kika No Sekai
Asche Wasted Hedon The Easter Island Phenomenon
Synapscape Bigger Space Hands On Centrozoon
Converter Coma (TIK remix) Expansion Pack 2.0
P.A.L. Bang Your Box Release
Iszoloscope The Sum Of Us All [Ivardensphere Remix] Beyond Within
Abs6 Basslines Enhancing The Intestinal Transit Audiomedikation
Straftanz DZE V/A. Das Bunker: Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
ESA The Relevant Flesh Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust
C2 Crowd Control Cubed
L C E D P Sponsored Urbanocide – Orphx Dead Cities Remix De L’utilite Des Convoyeurs
Orphx Nullity V.1.2 Teletai
Nin Kuji Sojobo Image Sayonara
100blumen Good Bye Dying World Surveillance
Ah Cama-Sotz Vucub Caquix 10 Years Bat Vibez (Diary Of The Infernal Gods)
C/A/T Seditious Minds [Steam Age Mix by Free Death] ATF Bonus Online EP
This Morn’ Omina Momentum I Momentum Of Singular Clarity
Mono-Amine Democracy Is A Dying Giant Do Not Bend
Asche Dist DJ Part IV Distorted DJ
Exclipsect Chromavoid Point Of Focus


SUBTERRA SESSIONS = In association with G33KPRON.COM, the underground, the subculture, the collaborators, the innovators. Kensington Market has always been at the crossroads of artistic expression and as part of that beautiful bastion of free thinking hope we bring you SUBTERRA SESSIONS, several layers of underground electronic music hosted at the cozy, loungey and always warm Augusta House.

Session 1 – AMANDA RAYGUN: Spinning Breaks, Glitch, and electronic moods designed to fire-up the evening on a chill and yet, oh so hot beat!

Session 2 – SAUCY MISO: By request, Saucy’s on the decks to spin her signature Cyber Industrial Hardstyle. Target objective will be to see how high the BPM can go!

Session 3 – RAZORGRRL: Turns the “power” up with a blend of genre bending Rhythmic Noise, fast beats and deliciously distorted ear candy!

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